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Message from our M.D.

Message from our M.D.

Kohei Ueda

Managing Director
Idemitsu Lube India Private Limited

We at Idemitsu believe in protecting our environment as one of the key factors in all our businesses. Idemitsu is globally known for manufacturing high-quality & environment friendly lubricants.

Idemitsu has over 100 years of history in the lubricant industry, supplying high performance & technologically advanced lubricant products, most of which are jointly developed with our customers, and has continuously expanded its business globally.

In India, Idemitsu began supplying lubricant products in 1980's, and in 2006, established sales & marketing company to provide technical & marketing support  to our customer base in India. In 2013, with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility started manufacturing a wide range of automotive lubricants, industrial oils and specialty products.

Our vision is to attain a leadership position in quality, technology, and customer services in Indian lubricant industry for providing the value and contributing to Indian customers.