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Idemitsu Lube India Initiatives

Zero Wastage at Idemitsu Lube India Plant

We at Idemitsu, believe in Zero Wastage and environment-friendly processes. Most of the activities at our plant are done keeping in mind the environment and the eco-system.

  • The water from boiler blowdown, regeneration water, and condensate water is treated in the Effluent treatment plant wherein various filters and RO unit is installed.
  • The parameter of the treated effluent is maintained well below the prescribed limits by Pollution control board and is utilized for as boiler feed for steam generation.
  • The sewage water received from canteen, washing facilities and toilets are treated at Sewage treatment plant wherein the treated water parameters are maintained below prescribed limits by Pollution control board.
  • This treated water is then utilized for irrigation wherein more than 800 trees are planted and surviving since 2013-14.