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Idemitsu Work Culture

At Idemitsu we follow a work culture which encourages, values and rewards employees for their suggestions and consistent good performance. We accept and believe that success depends on the strength of our talent pool.

Working atmosphere at Idemitsu

Human Resources Function at Idemitsu plays a vital role in realising business objectives by leading organisational changes to sustain the organisation's competitive edge. Idemitsu's HR department takes pride in ensuring the following for its employees:

  • Congenial and safe work environment
  • Competitive compensation plans
  • Continuous learning opportunities to employees for their future growth and development.

Things we cherish at Idemitsu 

(A) Our Management Principles:

Since its establishment, Idemitsu has been practicing the concept of "Respect for Human Beings" while doing business, and has sought to meet the high expectations of society while earning its trust. We are honoured to receive over a century of experience handed down through our management principles.

In order to realize this ideal, Idemitsu is striving to do the following:

  • Perform a beneficial role in society by creating an environment where people trust each other and work together to realize, through business, the tremendous potential of "human beings".   
  • Ensure that each employee develops into a reliable person and is respected in society, while upholding our vision high ideals and engaging in mutual improvement through amicable competition.   
  • Attach great importance to our promises to customers and seek to be worthy of the trust vested in us by unfailingly fulfilling those promises.

(B) The Five Principles of Idemitsu:

1. Respect for Human Being

2. Don't be A Slave to Money

3. A Bridge from Producers to Consumers

4. Independence and Autonomy

5. Great Family Like Concept

Work with Idemitsu -

At Idemitsu, we build business leaders who create value, who believe that the future belongs to those who are able to create it.
Our people are kept intellectually stimulated and we give them the freedom to take their own decisions and the responsibility to make Idemitsu grow through innovation and experimentation. 

We believe professional growth is the responsibility of both the individual and the organisation. We provide opportunities for value addition through a number of enterprise capabilities:

a) World Class Manufacturing Facilities and Practices

b) Internationally Benchmarked Practices in all fields

c) Cutting-edge Learning and Development initiatives

d) Competitive Compensation Plans and Employee Welfare Programs