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Quenching Oil

Idemitsu offers a diverse product range which provides a longer service life and consistent quenching characteristics. Daphne cold quenching oil is formulated with special additives to enhance cooling performance and brightness to the parts. Daphne semi-hot and hot quenching oils are formulated with special additives to minimise distortion and enhances the cooling performance and brightness to the parts.

Features :
  • Excellent oxidation stability.
  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • Excellent water and sludge separation.
  • Superior cooling properties.
  • Induces maximum hardness.
  • Uniform hardening of steels.
COLD Daphne
Master Quench A
  • Suitable for quenching of bolts, chains and forged steel parts.
  • Carburising quenching of carbon and alloy steel.
Hi-temp Oil X
  • Differential pinion gears, steering, gears, etc…
  • Carburising bearings, taper roller bearings.
  • Quenching of thin parts.
  • Increasing the core hardness of thick carburising steel.
HOT Daphne
Hi-temp Oil A
  • Quenching of gears and large sized bearing steel parts.
  • Carburisation quenching of shafts.
  • Carbon or low alloy steel parts.
  • Structural steel parts of small and medium size.
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