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We provide products, technologies and services that give customers a strong sense of assurance, greater vitality and absolute satisfaction as we strive to create new value.

IDEMITSU strives to achieve customer satisfaction by providing advanced service support along with technologically advanced premium quality products. We aim to create value to the customer by increasing efficiency/productivity and providing environmentally friendly solutions.

We offer the following service to customers in India:
  • G-ILAS (Global Idemitsu Lubricant Analysis System)
  • Chemical management and service
  • Customized lubricant training
  • Providing value added solution
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G-ILAS is an online lubricants analysis service of Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.

“From the analysis order to sample receipt and result reporting, all data is automatically processed by the system for quick delivery of diagnostic results.

The distinguishing feature of G-ILAS is the ease of simply receiving an application from the system, and sending a sample. The system saves information on customer equipment, lubricant types, and test items to facilitate repeated, periodic analysis.”

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