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Idemitsu SN A3/B4 5W-40

Idemitsu SN A3/B4 5W-40

Idemitsu SN A3/B4 5W-40 is a Full-Synthetic engine oil specially designed for those who look for performance, efficiency and thrill without worrying much about the engine protection even during extreme driving conditions. Engineered in Japan, it promises engine efficiency and protection based on Idemitsu's century long experience in lubricant making.

Application :

Recommended for all high performance modern 4 stroke engines, especially for adventurous drives.

Features :
  • Excellent start-up performance in low temperature and great durability at high temperature
  • Minimize friction to optimize engines performance
  • Provides more stringent sludge control for piston and other engine parts, consequently keeping engine clean for longer engine life
  • Provides superb protection against wear and corrosion
Packaging Options :
  • 4L
  • 3.5L
  • 1L
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