Zepro 0W20 Engine Oil- Zepro Engine Oil by Idemitsu Lubes India

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Zepro 0W-20

Zepro 0W-20

Idemitsu ZEPRO is the finest range of engine oil from Idemitsu engineered based on Idemitsu's Century long experience & expertise in lubricant making. It comes equipped with Advance Molybdenum Technology that redefines how an engine oil can protect the engine parts and can contribute for natural resource conservation as well.

Application :

Recommended to use latest high performance petrol vehicles where SAE 0W-20 is recommended by vehicle manufacturers.

Features :
  • Excellent wear & tear protection
  • Reduced engine's internal drag due to intelligent utilization of Molybdenum molecules thus improving engine efficiency & power output
  • Excellent cold start ability & improved fuel mileage
Packaging Options :
  • 3.5 L
  • 1 L
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Idemitsu Engine Oil Idemitsu Engine Oil