Idemitsu 10w30 ma Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

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Idemitsu 10W-30 MB

Idemitsu 10W-30 MB

Idemitsu 10W-30 MB is a Semi Synthetic engine oil formulated exclusively for modern 4-stroke automatic scooters. Engineered with Friction Modifier (FM) additives, it ensures effortless power delivery and smooth riding experience along with improved fuel economy. A smart partner for your daily worry-free ride.

Application :

Recommended for all high performance modern 4 stroke engines and daily rides.

Features :
  • Specially added friction modifiers for better fuel economy
  • High fluidity and excellent cold start at low temperature
  • Smooth riding experience
Packaging Options :
  • 0.8L
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Idemitsu Engine Oil Idemitsu Engine Oil