Idemitsu Premium Synthetic Engine Oil - Idemitsu 15W-50 MA by Idemitsu Lubes India

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Idemitsu Engine Oil

Idemitsu 15W-50 MA

Idemitsu 15W-50 MA

Idemitsu 15W-50 MA is premium Semi Synthetic engine oil especially formulated for powerful high performance 4-stroke motorcycles, ensures excellent & smooth power delivery even at extreme temperatures & high speed. It reduces chances of oxidation substantially and keeps engine cleaner.

Application :

Recommended for all high performance modern 4 stroke engines requiring 15W-50 viscosity grade oil.

Features :
  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability
  • Performance ability at wide temperature range
  • Great durability at high temperature
  • Protection against deposits, rust, wear and bearing corrosion
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Meets the requirements of JASO MA
  • Prolongs engine life and improve efficiency
Packaging Options :
  • 2.5 L
  • 1 L
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Idemitsu Engine Oil Idemitsu Engine Oil